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Our Services

Flagstone Repair and Restoration

Deep cleaning process with our aggressive degreaser treatment we are able to remove years of grease, oil, and dirt so the flagstone like lighten up. We can repair the cracked grout lines with our sanded pre-mixed grout so drys correct then color seal the remaining grout lines so they all match and flow throughout the floor which is applied with a Wooster brush. Then we can seal with a natural water based sealer or your choice of shine.

Tile & Grout Repairs

Fill in any cracks or holes in your tile work with our grout and tile fillers. Perfect for ceramic or natural stone. We use a flexible sanded grout to move with future settling.

Outdoor Tile and Stone Cleaning

When working with natural stone, we follow a strict multistep procedure to ensure your tile is safe, protected, and left undamaged. Our professional approach is the best way to protect your investment in natural stone from future water damage and deterioration.

A All in One Company that take cares of your tile grout and stone

Our tile and grout cleaning services can solve any problem you're having with dirty or stained flooring. Give us a call today.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning and Tile Sealing are all important for protecting the health of your floors. We specialize in deep cleaning all types of flooring, including ceramic, porcelain and natural stone. Our specialized cleaning solutions keep your floors looking clean and beautiful for years to come.

Grout Coloring (Color Sealing, Staining)

We can recolor your grout by applying a color sealer directly to it after a deep cleaning is done and dry. This is an effective way of reviving old, stained grout.

Shower Restoration, Cleaning & Caulking

We provide professional shower deep cleanings, re-caulking, and restoration services. We will use the most advanced tools and cleaning solutions to return your shower to its original luster.

Saltillo, Slate and Stone Restoration

Natural stone is fragile and requires special care when handling. Natural stone is a beautiful, durable material that can add real value to your home. But it requires careful handling and professional installation by skilled craftspeople.

Granite Countertop Cleaning and Calcium Remover

Natural stone is very pores and out here in Arizona the water we have has a-lot of hard minerals. Thats why you see sometimes the build up around the faucets. Call us today so that we can remove that build up and restore it and seal it with our water based impregnator sealer.

We specialize in the restoration of tile, grout, and natural stone surfaces. Our goal is to restore your floors to their original condition. We are locally owned with extensive experience in Arizona tile stone floor restoration as well as commercial tile flooring services. With a range of tile & grout cleaning techniques, ER Grout and Tile can remove even the toughest stains on your tiles. Call today for a free estimate!

Providing the Highest Level Quality

How many family owned businesses are out there still involved with the company and are passionate in what they do. We take pride in bringing your floor back to its original condition by using a variety of procedures. With our experience in the industry, we know that there is always a solution to tile and grout problems. Let us take a look at your tile and grout before you decide that there's no hope and rip it out.

Tile and grout restoration experts in cleaning, sealing, and restoration of tile, grout, and stone.

Tile, grout, and surfaces made of natural stone are our area of expertise. Our aim is to get your floors back to how they were. We are a family-run local business with vast experience in commercial tile flooring services as well as west valley tile stone floor restoration. For a free quote on repairing your floors, call right away!

Customer Reviews

Sandeep Chaudhury
Sandeep Chaudhury
Emil and his crew did an amazing job with the grout restoration and cleaning. They are very knowledgeable and true professionals. Delivered on what they promised. The floor now looks brand new again.
Beatriz Ibarra
Beatriz Ibarra
This company is top notch! They repainted my grout and now it so beautiful and easy to clean! They were so professional and fast! I definitely would recommend them to anyone wanting a quality grout makeover .
Felix Ware
Felix Ware
This company did a excellent job on our tile. The guys where very professional and finish the job in a timely manner. I would recommend ER grout and tile to any one.
Steve Pena
Steve Pena
Emil and his team! You want the best? Hire them. They stand by their word and you will be amazed on the outcome. My words exactly “ Wow Thank you”!
JR Spector
JR Spector
What a great job! The cleaning and color staining are great! Great attention to detail. Thank you!
Michael Piuian
Michael Piuian
Guaranteed satisfaction! I’ve been looking for someone to take care of all my tile and grout cleaning for the last few weeks and have been very skeptical about all these businesses. Emil is a great guy and took away all my worries. It’s true when they say you get what you pay for! I am so happy with all the work and would recommend ER Grout and Tile to absolutely everyone. 11/10!

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Grout & Tile Restoration in Peoria, Glendale, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, West valley

You'll find no better tile and grout cleaning service in Arizona than the one we provide. As you can see in the photo we are a locally family owned and operated small business, serving the Phoenix Metropolitan area and surrounding cities. Our professional staff offer detailed and thorough work that's second to none.

Details of the Service

Homeowners who want their tile and grout to look its best should consider having it professionally cleaned. Using a variety of cleaning products and tools, including commercial cleaners and acid-based solutions, professionals can remove dirt buildup and stains from tiles and grout, brightening up floors while protecting them from staining in the future. Protecting your tile and grout from deteriorating. 

Color sealing is a technique used to alter the appearance of grout in between tile flooring. Color seal is applied on top of grout, and creates a physical barrier on top of your grout. Color seal comes in many different colors and can be used to match the color of your tile. Color sealing is typically our last restorative measure when it comes to cleaning up your grout. We recommend color sealing (grout coloring) when staining throughout the grout is heavy and cleaning won’t suffice. Also color sealing can be a cost effective solution opposed to re-grouting if you are just trying to alter the color of your existing grout. This is the only service we can 100% guarantee will make all the grout lines uniform.

When grout is cracked or crumbling, or has become stained over time, we have several repair options. If only certain areas of the grout are damaged, we may be able to add more grout material, or re-grout those areas. If the entire floor is in need of repair, we can either re-grout the entire floor or color your existing grout to match the original color.

We offer a variety of shower restoration services. We use alkaline cleaners or acid cleaners to remove soap scum, calcium deposits, and dead skin cells. We also provide caulking services and grout repairs for damaged areas of the tile floor. We can apply sealants to protect your grout from future damage.

Natural stone is fragile and requires special care when handling. Natural stone is a beautiful, durable material that can add real value to your home. But it requires careful handling and professional installation by skilled craftspeople. Very important is the experience in slate, Saltillo restoration because one wrong chemical can cause more damage to the stone and clay. If it needs to be stripped we make sure to remove old sealers then do a deep aggressive degreaser treatment to remove any excess from the old sealer. Then reapply the sealer shine or your choice you can do low gloss, medium or high up to you. This will help protect your investment from heavy foot traffic.  

Natural stone granite countertop is very pores and out here in Arizona the water we have has a-lot of hard minerals. Thats why you see sometimes the build up around the faucets. Call us today so that we can remove that build up and restore it and seal it with our water based impregnator sealer.

Customer Service is #1 in our books

ER Grout & Tile Restoration is committed to providing the highest quality services possible. We make sure to go above and beyond for you to have a great experience with our company like no one else. If you're dissatisfied with our work, please call us anytime; we'll do whatever it takes to make things right.

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